Monday, March 7, 2011

They call him #2

Good day lads and lasses.  I don't think I have anything important to say. Yesterday was a pretty boring day....other then me being hit in the face with a ceiling fan light cover......  Yes that was very special.  I got to recomend a friend to an old professor I had.  My college history professor was hilarious.  He really made the class interesting.  He talked just like Barney Fife, and he would always be making jokes through the whole class.  He always cracked me up.  My friend is going to the school he teaches at, but he doesn't have his history class he has another.  I told him he absolutly has to take his class.  I guess the moral of this blog is ask around befor you start taking classes.... Look I made a lesson out of nothing....wonderful.


  1. At least your day was more exiting than mine, looking forward to more blog posts!

  2. lol barney fife. good stuff.

  3. I can'treally imagine this guy